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Practicing law for over 35 years gives one experience. Depth and breadth of experience comes from range of cases handled and clients represented. Don’s experience includes: (a) major environmental coverage cases and representing a single homeowner seeking insurance coverage for mold contamination; (b) general litigation ranging one of the largest criminal anti-trust cases ever tried to mechanic lien foreclosures; (c) representing both large insurance companies and policyholders on coverage disputes involving a variety of types of insurance; (d) practicing as a partner in large law firms and as a sole practitioner; (e) handling cases in courts across the country. Don brings truly meaningful experience to his clients.

Perspective is gained by representing a range of clients, from large corporations to individuals, on a variety of legal matters – large, small basic or complex. It is sharpened by having served in the role of general counsel with overall management responsibility for of claim liabilities valued at nearly $300,000,000. Balance is provided by representing policyholders as well as insurance companies and by not only litigating insurance coverage but by also actually drafting insurance policies offering new forms of coverage. Don brings a broad perspective to all clients on a broad range of insurance and other legal matters.

Experience and perspective allow an attorney to help a client to first identify a result that is both good and realistically attainable. Good judgment is then applied to help the client efficiently obtain the targeted result. Don focuses not only on obtaining good results for clients but on achieving them efficiently.

Value is initially the relative cost to the client to obtain meaningful experience, a useful perspective, solid judgment and a track record of obtaining good results. Many large law firms charge over $300 or $400 per hour for associates with limited experience, narrow perspectives and no real track record. Don both charges substantially less than what large law firms charge and offers flexible fee arrangements. The client has the added value of knowing that Don will be handling the matter personally.

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